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“We need never know FATIGUE. Energy can never TIRE. It is our PERSONAL imbalance that causes fatigue. When our 26 “safety” Energy Locks are unlocked, we are in a state of ECTSASY-the SECRET of the fountain of youth, available equally to all eternally-that which was, is and shall be, IS. The MASTER KEY is our degree of desire and trust, the KNOWING. The SIMPLE reason for perfect health and happiness is being master of anything we do-LOVE IT regardless of what it is-menial, boring or inspirational work. There would be no person or thing one dislikes-as hatred develops imbalance, which causes Fatigue. HAPPINESS is an indication of our HARMONY. We are all created equally. We have our TWO HANDS as our REJUVENATORS and HARMONIZERS. With these two hands we have the privilege of helping ourselves and others to get in tune with the universe. Hands are generators of the Creator Power-not from within us, but a part of the ever constant and forever balanced universal SUPPLY. We need only be AWARE of this supply. (Text 1, 1979, edition)”
— Mary Burmeister

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