Vibrant Wellbeing

Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Wellbeing Investment

Office Visits 60 Minutes $60

I will do home visits if you or a loved one find this more convenient. Additional Cost $25

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an insurance provider, so I am unable to provide codes for insurance purposes.

Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance.


A session is typically 60 minutes

After a short conversation to learn what brought you to seek a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment, I will have you lie face up on a massage table fully clothed.  I will listen to your energy pulses to evaluate the best energy flows to bring your whole being into balance and harmony.   One session will bring about noticeable improvement in your overall wellbeing.  For more chronic concerns more sessions may be necessary.

At the end of the session my clients comment that they feel a deep sense of peace, clarity, more vitality. They always have a radiant glow about their face and the energy pulse is harmonized. The effects of the treatment will last 8 hours or more. Drinking lots of water is also a good idea.