Practice 3 Power of Healing within Your Hands

Your hands possess one of your body’s innate healing tools that are available anytime and anywhere.  Simply holding your palms together for 36 breaths will, calm, harmonize and revitalize your whole being. Several body function energy pathways flow through the fingers. To access this healing potential in your hands, simply wrap the thumb and fingers of one hand around a finger on the other.  Exhale, smile and be the breathing as you hold the finger for 1-5 minutes.  Repeat with all ten fingers.   Or, focus on the “attitude or health concern related to a finger, ie, teeth and gums hold the index finger.  Many options let your body be your guide.


Practice 1 THE BIG HUG Thirty- Six Breaths

Our breath is the bridge between the body and the mind.  Our minds are full of neurotransmitters which change our mood, our food and our thoughts. It is only through mindful relaxed breathing that these, feel good chemicals can permeate our whole being, potentially healing emotional and physical conditions.  Mary Burmeister reminded her students that breathing is the ultimate tool for healing.  “Go into the breath.  Exhale and accept the gift that the universe is giving you with every inhalation.”   Here is a simple yet powerful practice that restores balance, calms the mind, desolves stress, reduces pain while revitalizing your whole being.
Relax your shoulders as you exhale, inhale while repeating to yourself “One inhaling, two exhaling. . ., inhaling, three exhale. . ., inhale. . .”  Continue for 36 breaths. Bringing awareness to your breath as a mindful practice at one sitting or throughout the day counting in four groups of nine.  Notice how resistance desolves as your breathing deepens and becomes more rhythmatic.  You experience Peace, Harmony, Bliss.

Practice 2  Main Central Harmonizing Energy  

The Source of Life to set your day when done in the morning and at the end of the day to release and clear.  Revitalizes and circulates the Life Source energy from the outside in and the inside out ascending and descending. the deep body energy. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, relax your shoulders as you place your hands at each of the postions. Remember to follow your breath.


Self-Care is the feature that sets Jin Shin Jyutsu apart from many other healing modalities. When working with clients I teach them self-care practices that compliment and strengthen the areas that were released during the session. The self-care projects are simple and easy to learn.
You are the essential ingredient for energy healing to be successful. The essence of healing remains in your desire to rekindling a relationship with your inner wisdom, your original joyous self, that emerges as you peel away the layers of life disappointments, pains, heartaches and traumas accumulated over the years.
Here are just a few power tools I recommend you use daily. I would also suggest that each time you practice these you do so mindfully. Drop your shoulders as you exhale, letting go of clutter and opening you to receive the healing benefits of the life force energy as you inhale. Enjoy.

Vibrant Wellbeing

Jin Shin Jyutsu®