I am a general surgeon who has practiced general and oncology surgery for nearly twenty years in the most diverse settings... Presently I am in private practice focusing on integrative medicine.

For the last 4 years I have been working very closely with Debbie in the care of many of my patients.  Debbie’s unique set of skills, empathy, and caring dedication have been an invaluable resource in the management and optimization of the emotional wellbeing, and positive attitude and outlook into disease and treatment for my patients; especially those affected by cancer.  While much of Debbie’s work has been done on a one to one basis, unquestionably her most significant contributions are and can further be in settings where community and group support ...
I most emphatically encourage you to consider her services to complement and enhance your treatment protocols. . .Debbie’s qualities and experience make her an excellent choice for such strategies. 

-Gaston Cornu-Labat, MD  Holistic Physician & Surgeon

Thank you for a great session today! I went for a short walk this evening without my walker! … my walking has greatly improved as a result of the JSJ sessions these past couple of weeks! 

- Candice S. McCleary, WA

I am a mother with a pre-teen special needs child.  Our morning routine tends to be very stressful for my child.  After attending Debbie’s Mindfulness & Jin Shin Jyutsu for Vibrant Wellbeing Classes, I started using the Main Central Self-Care each morning.  I have noticed that my child, is much calmer as we go through our morning.  As Debbie would tell us in class, that as we work on ourselves those around us will shift as well.  How true.  I am going to follow the steps to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

- Stephanie Olympia, WA

Debbie is highly skilled and brings a high level of integrity to all of her work in education and healing arts.
She is able to create a safe and supportive environment for transformation.

- Professor of Psychology & Mind, Body Healing, Medical Qi Gong Instructor

Deborah has a great ability to see beneath the surface of people and situations – as you would expect from an Intuitive healer!  Her insights and practices helped me to get free of something that was blocking my success for years.  While her purpose is to be a powerful aid in living life fully and freely, I must say that it has also been a big help in the bottom line of my business as well.

- Dave Beck, CEO Coach Ville


The sessions with Debbie have been amazing!  The work she does seems effortless and yet profound.  I am a physician myself, and understand the importance of healing all parts of oneself including the spirit.  Removing/transforming energetic blocks plays an important role in this.  I feel that once that was done, it freed me up to invite more love and happiness into my heart.  I enjoyed the space along with the fact that they send patients home with "homework".  This helped solidify the work that was done in the room, a true sacred space.  I have recommend Debbie to my own family and to many patients of my own. ​

- Dr. Laura Jimenez-Robertson   Naturopath Tumwater, WA

Vibrant Wellbeing

Jin Shin Jyutsu®

When I first met Debbie through a loved one's referral, I was a mess.  I had been dealing with a difficult physical ailment for quite some time and was full of grief and loss which happens with health issues.  I knew it was best for me to work with Energy Healing Session.  This was all so new to me so I was nervous.  Debbie provided a safe and nurturing atmosphere for me to relax and do the important work.  After four sessions, not only did I find great emotional relief, but also, great physical relief of the symptoms.  I am also having so much good come into my life:  A new job that is really enjoyable, A new medical doctor who is knowledgeable and insightful of my medical care, and I have a more upbeat attitude.  Thank you Debbie.

- Susanne O Lacey, WA

"I have been privileged to work with Debbie in person and by distance, as fellow students and as a client. I have found her to hold a beautifully sweet safe space and to do powerful and timely work that has over and over left me changed with new opportunity, new vision, a fuller heart, clearer mind, stronger soul and feet more firmly on the ground. You will love and be glad for working her. I highly recommend."​

- Stephen Ollala, WA

I was amazed after having a Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Debbie. I thought I went in for her to work on my heart concerns, which she did.  What I did not tell her was that I had been experiencing pain and discomfort in my feet.  After the session I not only felt more ease around my heart and my feet were PAIN FREE.  I have had many, many different treatments, but Jin Shin Jyutsu has been most profound.

- Carolyn, Physical Therapist Olympia Area, WA